If you are an electrician or contractor that is scheduled to perform work for a member of Somerset REC and need the meter pulled, please contact the co-op office at 814-445-4106, or toll free at 1-800-443-4255 to schedule a disconnect/reconnect appointment.​

By having this appointment scheduled, an authorized Somerset REC employee will temporarily disconnect the power to allow you to perform necessary work on or around the electrical service.​

Appointments to schedule a crew can generally be made with as little notice as the day ahead, and depending on the nature/reason for the disconnect and the current workload, some appointments can even be made within the same day.

There is NO CHARGE from the Cooperative to our members for a disconnect/reconnect appointment during normal business hours.

If there is an emergency situation during non-business hours such as a holiday or weekend, please call 814-445-4106 and report the situation to the person on-call.

*Please keep in mind that any time a meter is pulled to do electrical repairs or upgrades, an electrical inspection is needed before the meter is reconnected.

You can find a list of electrical inspectors here.

We would rather everyone remain safe than to risk the situation created by opening a meter base.