Failure to notice overhead powerlines could be deadly.

Each year, people are killed or injured when their equipment contacts overhead power lines.​

Make sure to stay 10 feet away from lines - above, below and to the side.

Equally important, know what to do if your equipment contacts overhead power lines. Unless there is a fire, stay in the cab and alert others to stay far away. Call for help and stay put until utility crews arrive to make sure the lines are de-energized.

Dangers in your house

  • Don't hold an electric appliance when your hands are wet or while standing near water.
  • Don't touch a damaged electric appliance, plug, or wire.
  • Never touch any electric appliance while in the tub or shower.
  • Never out a metal object into an electric appliance without unplugging it.
  • Never stick anything into an outlet except a plug
  • Don't plug too many things into one outlet.

Dangers outside of your home

  • Don't touch or let anything you are holding touch a power line, and don't climb trees, poles, or towers that  support power lines.
  • Stay away from anything that has a sign reading "Danger High Voltage."
  • During a lightning storm, get out of water and stay away from trees. Go inside and stay away from windows and  turn off the TV and other appliances.
  • Keep electric appliances and toys away from water - such as rain, wet ground, swimming pools and hoses.​
  • Never go near a fallen power line.