Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Solar Interconnections

No. The member must contact a solar installer if interested in installing a solar interconnection. It is mindful to get multiple quotes from solar installers to make sure you are making the right solar decision.

Yes. There is a $700 non-refundable application fee that must accompany the application.

Yes. Each member MUST have Personal Liability included on their homeowners insurance policy in  the amount of $1 million dollars with Somerset Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. listed as Additional Interest. Also, a physical pad-lockable disconnect is mandatory as close to the meter as possible.

The Cooperative's service territory, whether the aggregation is completed through physical or virtual meter aggregation, is within two line miles of the point of interconnection of the members Alternative Energy System equipment point of interconnection.

The maximum size system cannot exceed 110% of the previous yearly kwh use and can be no greater than 25 kilowatts (kW) for residential and up to 300 kilowatts (kW) for all other rate classes.

No. Members are still responsible for paying the basic service charge, minimum transformer up charge (if applicable) and any yard light fees associated with their electric account. If you generate more than you consume monthly, you can bank excess generation and apply it towards your next electric bill. The calendar year runs April - March. If the member accumulates more kwh than needed, they will be compensated for their generation.

Somerset REC does not endorse solar installers, but can offer feedback and contact information of solar installers members have used for their systems. It is encouraged to get a quote from more than one solar installer to compare prices. Once you find a solar installer, please notify the cooperative of your upcoming solar installation.

Yes. After the solar construction is complete, it must be inspected prior to interconnecting.

If you are a solar contractor or installer that is inquiring about a commercial-sized solar array or community solar, please fill out an AES Inquiry Form prior to contacting the cooperative.


If you have additional questions regarding a new solar installation, please contact:

Phil Stern, Manager of Metering

Emily Baer, Director of Marketing and Member Services