Why is a meter seal important?

At times, members of the Cooperative will need to perform repairs or upgrades to their electric service. It is important to remember that only Somerset Rural Electric employees are permitted to cut Somerset Rural Electric’s meter seals or pull any electric meter to perform these repairs or upgrades.

The following are two of the most important reasons to emphasize the importance of meter seals:

  1. It is done to secure the integrity of the meter and to get an accurate recording of kilowatt hours being consumed.

  2. Attempt to keep unauthorized/untrained individuals out of what is and can become a very dangerous situation.

These dangers are not only from electrical shock or electrocution, but also from injuries caused from arcs and the subsequent flash that happens when a short occurs. For these reasons, only Somerset REC employees are permitted to work on energized meter sockets, and this is only after they have received proper training and are wearing approved fire-resistant clothing and other personal protective equipment.

For the sake of public safety and to remain consistent to the Cooperative policies that guide our decisions, a tampering fee of at least $300 will be added to a member’s next monthly electric bill if a meter seal is cut and/or a meter is pulled by anyone other than an authorized employee of Somerset REC.

If an electrical service needs to be disconnected for repairs or upgrades, please call our office at 814-445-4106, or toll-free at 1-800-443-4255 to schedule a disconnect/reconnect. There is no charge from the Cooperative to our members for disconnect/reconnect appointments during normal business hours. Appointments to schedule a crew can generally be made with as little notice as one business day.  

We would rather have everyone remain safe than to risk a potentially dangerous situation created by opening a meter base.